Dulcimer Program

Aaron Spector, Music Man Inc, Dulcimer, School Program

(Grade 1 and older)

The dulcimer is a beautiful sounding 4 string Appalachian folk instrument and is quite easy to learn to play. This program often includes the construction of real hardwood instruments with the children's participation! Sometimes the school buys or rents dulcimers from me instead and we focus on the playing.

This program has been successful with older children who were not responsive to other music programs but were drawn by the beauty of the wood, unique sound and ease of playing these instruments. The method of playing involves the use of a "noter" held in one hand that slides over numbered frets on the fingerboard, while the other hand strums with a flat pick. This is learned quickly allowing students to learn many different songs.

Aaron Spector, Music Man Inc, Keyboard, Summer Dulcimer Program

Aaron Spector, Music Man Inc, Keyboard, Summer Dulcimer Program

Summer 2012 at South Suburban Montessori School, and we're making 4 new 4stringed mountain dulcimers. All ages were invited to sand, glue, assemble, and string these solid wood instruments made from Don Gardner Dulcimer kits. After 6 construction sessions this summer, they should be ready to be played by all 1st-3rd level students. All lower elementary students play original inventions, folk tunes, and classical duets with these dulcimers, as well as soprano recorders.