Last year at the age of five, our twins started piano lessons with Aaron Spector. The attention to detail Aaron has given at each lesson has been invaluable. Aside from learning notes and theory, there are numerous other facets of music which our children have been able to explore such as technique, the art of phrasing, both ear training and sight reading, solfege and rhythmic exercises, among others. Aaron occasionally may introduce and play other instruments so they become familiar with various instruments and their unique sounds.

Aaron Spector's approach to teaching is designed not only to develop skill, but also to help stimulate expression and artistry in the realm of music. In less than one year our children have advanced far greater than we anticipated and we feel privileged to have found such a fine piano instructor.

- Summer and Danny Kaleta
- Chandler, AZ

Montessori Day School student and their families are excited that Mr. Aaron Spector has returned to teach our music and band programs. Mr. Aaron's love of music is shared through singing and movement for our younger students, playing recorders as a group for our first through third graders, and working with our fourth through sixth graders that play band instruments. His commitment to our program is outstanding and shows a strong dedication to his life's work.

- Theresa Averill
- Montessori Day School - Lakeshore

Aaron has been teaching the music classes at Le Chaperon Rouge Hudson for the past six years. He is a wonderful asset to the school and the children adore him and what he has to offer. He offers hands on experiences with various instruments. Often times you will be walking through the school and can hear the children singing songs that the "Music Man" has taught them. In conclusion, Aaron offers a top notch music program that a child of any age could love and appreciate!!!

- Kimberly Hutchings
- Le Chaperon Rouge - Hudson

Mr. Spector is a talented musician and an inspiring teacher. My daughter has been taking piano/keyboard lessons from him for more than five years. She enjoys her music classes and is making good progress. Mr. Spector shares his passion for music with all of his students.

- Anna Ho

Mr. Aaron Spector and Music Man, Inc. have been a part of the South Suburban Montessori School community for the past six years. Mr. Aaron has fostered the development our music curriculum so that it meets the needs of every child. He shares a genuine interest in cultivating each and every child's musical potential and in ensuring that every child had a positive experience with music. He professionally and patiently works with every age group of our children. He guides our youngest students as they begin exploring music through listening, rhythm and movement while at the same time challenges are oldest students as they begin their band experience with brass and woodwind instruments.

- Amy M. Mackie-Barr
- Head of School
- South Suburban Montessori School

Aaron Spector, Music Man, has been our music teacher for the past eight school years and summer camps. I have been a classroom teacher and administrator for over 30 years. During these years, I have not encountered a music program that is as happily awaited by the children as the Music Man program is.

- Barbara W. Grygier
- Principal at Le Chaperon Rouge
- Westlake, OH

As a veteran observer of literally hundreds of children's musical performances, I am constantly impressed with the high-quality results of Aaron Spector's musical instruction. Using a method of instruction developed by Karl Orff nearly 130 years ago, Mr. Spector shares the elements of music-making and music theory in small, enjoyable increments with our children from 18 months to sixth grade. When the children reach the sixth grade, they can sing on pitch, play several instruments, and read music fluently. They are a joy to hear!"

- Diana Davenport
- Primary Directress
- Brecksville, OH

Palo Alto Preschools has had a relationship with Music Man Inc. for the past 13 years. Aaron Spector has provided his music program in 20 of our preschool locations. We have found both Aaron and his teachers to be competent professionals, dedicated to providing developmentally appropriate and exciting music programs to young children."

- Sarah Sulka & Jeanette White
- Area Manager at Palo Alto Preschools
- Scottsdale, AZ

Aaron Spector and his company, Music Man Inc. has successfully instructed our Kindergarten through Sixth students since June 1989. First Aaron came to our Summer Day Camp once a week to work with our campers with a pull-out music enrichment program. Beginning in September, 1989, we began a correlated music and art program for our students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade. The program has been extremely effective. It has been engaged by our students, parents and teachers. It drew high approval during our evaluation earlier this year. I would highly recommend Aaron Spector and his company to you for he will enhance your curriculum.

- Nancy L. Winship
- Head of Lower-Middle School at Judson School
- Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Aaron Spector has been with Murton's Child Development Center for twelve years. He is very reliable and dedicated. His love for music is apparent. The children keep singing his songs long after music class has ended.

- Hajni Fekete
- Director at Murton's Child Development Center
- Fairview Park, OH

Mr. Aaron Spector's approach to teaching helps his students gain confidence in their skills. He has high expectations, but is also generous in his praise for earnest effort. His humorous and personable way of providing feedback gains their trust and opens them up to his guidance in mastering the keyboard. When his students end a lesson, typically their eyes glow ith a proud sense of accomplishment.

- Dana D. Watts, Ph.D
- Rocky River, OH